VENTUS provide Firmware Updates free of charge on a “as is” basis. Ventus do not warant or guarantee any loss of data however caused, resulting from any update procedure. Always make sure that you have a backup copy of all files which are stored in your SPIN!


We would recommend that all users of SPIN Eco Media Player download and install this Firmware.


This update replaces the previous Firmware version: 609.072.736

Free Firmware upgrade for your  SPIN !

By clicking the following link you are agreeing that this Firmware upgrade file is supplied "as is", and Ventus, its agents, officers, and distributors are expressly exempt from any liabilities, damages, or consequential loss arising from the use of (or inability to use), any or all Software and Firmware files that may be released from time to time by Ventus.

New Version 609.072.738 Available from 25/10/2010 (see below)


The Firmware file is intended for upgrading the “SPIN Eco Media Player” only.

To start the download right-click on the Firmware File below. Then choose “Save target as...” to save the download to any convenient folder on your local PC hard drive. Then unzip the downloaded “zip” file to expose the upgrade files. (Most Windows installations include a built-in unzipper utility, but if you experience any difficulty to unzip this file, you can install a free unzip utility from:
WinRAR )


Updating your player is a simple process that requires the use of a PC running Windows XP or later.


Make sure you read fully the ‘readme’ text file accompanying the firmware download for full instructions and functions.

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