Q. Device does not turn on
A. Is it charged? Try re-charging. Slide the power button to the left and release. If all else fails, use a pin or paper clip to press the RESET switch (located on the left side adjacent to the SD door).


Q. How do I put all my media onto the SPIN?
A. Connect  the device to a computer via the USB cable provided. The device will appear on your computer as two “Removable Hard Disks” The first is the player’s internal memory, the second is the SD card slot. You can synchronise your player with Windows Media Player 10 or later to transfer media (refer to instructions provided by Windows Media Player) or you may use Windows Explorer / MAC Finder / Linux etc. to drag and drop the files into the device’s internal memory.

Q. The USB connection does not work properly, the player keeps disconnecting from Windows, then reconnecting?
A. Use only the USB cable supplied, or use only high quality cables expressly designed for USB 2.0 compatibility. Connect the player directly to a USB port on your PC. Sharing a port via a multi-port hub may cause erratic function if other devices are sharing the hub.


Q. The screen goes black - even during music play, what’s happened?
A. The device has an energy-save mode which turns off power to the screen when no buttons have been pressed for a while. Just press any button to wake it up again.


Q. What type of files can I store in the unit’s memory?
A. You can copy any kind of computer file from your PC to the device via the USB connection. Therefore the device can be used rather like a portable drive (“USB Stick”) for all kinds of data. However, the device will only PLAY files of the media types as shown in the Technical Data sheet.


Q. Is the SPIN compatible with Apple MAC computers?
A. Yes, when connected via USB the player will mount as an external disk drive. Non DRM protected AAC music files are playable (see Apple’s iTunes Plus service for details).


Q. How do I reach maximum play time for minimum hand cranking?
A. Make sure that you set the LCD screen save timer setting to minimum (5s). This will ensure that the LCD display will not consume power once it has gone black. Now crank the generator briskly (about 2 or 3 turns per second) for 60 to 120 seconds). Press Play, from the Main Menu, to start music play (without need to navigate around the menus). Now leave all the keys alone, so that the LCD screen saver will blank the screen. Your player will now play music for 30 - 45 minutes for each 1 minute of winding. Exact figures may vary, depending on ambient temperature and sound volume.

Q. I have cranked the handle for a minute or two, but the battery level indicator does not show any more full. Why?

A. The Spin media player has a large battery capacity (up to 55 hrs play from fully charged), and requires around 3½hrs of charging (210 mins),  therefore it will require many minutes of cranking for this capacity to be visibly changed. Around 5 - 10 minutes of cranking may show approx 1 bar increase of battery capacity indication.


Q. Can I use any generic 5v "USB" style mains charger to charge my SPIN?

A. The majority of USB chargers will work fine. Ventus recommends chargers rated at 500 - 1000 mA (This is the formal USB standard). Chargers rated below 500mA may not be able to charge the SPIN player.


Q. Where can I buy legal music downloads for my Eco Player?

A. There are many web portals selling media, for best results look for sites offering MP3 format at 320kbp, or AAC encoded media. We do not specifically recommend individual portals, but for example, you could check out:- www.itunes.com  / www.tescodigital.com /  www.7digital.com


Q. How do I get all the music from my CD collection onto my Eco Media Player?

A. Copying CDs to your SPIN is a 2 - step process.

The first step is to convert the CD audio files into mp3 format files. This process is called "ripping". If your PC has Microsoft Windows Media Player v.10 or above, this process can be done within the Windows Media Player interface, please refer to Microsoft's instructions on how to "rip" the CD into your Windows Media Player "Library". Alternatively, use the supplied Media Coder program.

Having completed step 1 above, refer to the above FAQ concerning transferring your media files onto the SPIN.


Q. Where can I get videos from that will play on my Eco Media Player?

A. Use the supplied Media Coder program to convert DVD videos for viewing on the SPIN.


Q. When I try to start my SPIN, the screen says “Boot Error” and then shuts down?

A. This indicates that the player’s memory has been corrupted (most usually as a result of inadvertent cable disconnection whilst transferring data via USB). Always use only the VENTUS USB cable provided, and only connect directly to your PC USB port. The use of USB hubs / splitters is not supported.


Use a pin or paper-clip to press the reset button (small hole next to the SD slot door).


If this does not cure the problem, then connect the player to your PC USB correctly. On the PC, open “My Computer” and locate the removable disk that represents the player’s internal memory disk. Open the disk window to view the contents of your player. Set your Window View Options to allow viewing of “hidden files”. Now the contents list will also include the following SPIN index / playlist files: RAMLIST, STDBDATA, STDBSTR, EBOOKPQ, SETTINGS. Use Windows to delete all these files, then disconnect the player.


If this does not cure the problem, you will need to reformat the player’s memory disk. CAUTION! This will erase all files including all your media / music etc. Before committing Windows to reformat the memory disk make ABSOLUTELY sure that you are indeed formatting the player, and not some other disk in your PC system!