Maxxon Rear Cycle Brake Light


Automatic Day mode:

· Becomes active after first 30 seconds of cycling. Turns off

   after 4 minutes stationery

Night Mode:

· Normal rear light has steady mode or blinking mode. Brake

   light functions as above.

Digital Power Management:

· Ensures constant brightness throughout the battery’s life.

  Allows around 30% greater life - even with rechargeable

  or alkaline batteries.

Day Mode:

· Up to 800 hrs (Alkaline)

Night Mode:

· 100 hrs steady / 200 hrs Blinking


· CE



Wireless Brake Light:

· Replaces existing LED rear lights, or can be used in addition.


· Day mode: Fully automatic becomes operational when

  cycle movement detected (you don’t even need to

  remember to switch it on or off!).


· Night Mode: Conventional rear light can be set to steady

  or blinking modes. Stop light still functions automatically,

  regardless of rear light mode setting.


· Internal Wii G-sensor detects when cycle is braking. Highly

  developed computer code analyses the G-sensor and

  differentiates between gentle downhill braking, and real

  effective braking. Once real braking is detected, the stop  

  light illuminates in Hi-Intensity steady on mode - just like a



Rear Cycle Brake Light

• Brilliant and simple design, that can be fitted in just a couple of minutes - but could save your life, or avoid serious injury