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SOL-INGE Multi Sharpener
The ONLY sharpener you will need
The Sol-inge Multi Sharper is a revolutionary all-in-one sharpening tool which will allow you to sharpen
EVERY blade and garden tool in the household. Sharpen everything from, knives, scissors, garden sheers,
In fact anything which has a sharp edge you use for cutting or slicing. The Multi Sharpener is the only tool
needed. The revolutionary technology allows the self adjusting plates to sharpen many different shaped
blades with no adjustments necessary and always at the correct angle. It even works on serated knives..
The patented tungsten carbide plates automatically adjust to accommodate each blades specific angle.
Simply hold the blade steady with the ergonomic handle and move the tool along its surface.
No pressure needed. The Multi Sharpener also features a secondary smaller sharpening tool which pops out
of the handle. Use this smaller sharpening tool to sharpen edges which have smaller surfaces such as
cheese graters, nail clippers, can openers, peelers and other small blades which often get neglected.
Say goodbye to all your other sharpening tools. NO NEED for several sharpening tools and no need to
work up a sweat as The Multi Sharpener can effortlessly sharpen any size, any angle of blade,
around your home and garden,
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